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Photographs & Media

Last Updated On June 01, 2018 As part of the joining process, you will be asked to give your permission for the use of photos within our Group. The statement reads: Photographs: What does this mean? We use photos in Scouting to show the adventure our young people have. We use photos in the hall for displays of activities and events, on our closed Facebook group to help keep parents/guardians fully informed of what we’re up to and allow them to see what a great time their young people are having, we create albums on our website to document adventures and share the good times the young people and leaders have and we use some pictures for promotion of Scouting […]

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InTouch is the system used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. It is flexible to allow those organising events to implement a system for communicating important messages between parents/guardians and the activity leaders, best suited to their particular circumstances. To minimise the paperwork for leaders and parents when leaving the HQ, the InTouch system is in place to allow leaders to safely take their sections out and about without additional bits of paper and forms. It is based on a risk assessment for each individual activity. We have single point of contact number which parents can use to contact the party should there be any need during the event. This number is not monitored at other times – […]

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My.SCOUT Once you have registered with the Group you will be added to the My.SCOUT system (you should receive an introductory email – if you haven’t had this please let a leader know). My.SCOUT direct access (once you have set up a user account): https://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk/parents/ What is My.SCOUT? My.SCOUT is our method for you to keep up to date with your child’s Scouting. While you can use the menu to access these pages, it a separate website and will be viewed outside of our site. This allows you to bookmark the pages and, once you have viewed My.SCOUT via our website or an email, you can create an account to log in whenever you like. The main method for you […]

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.