Weekly update #14

Dear parents and carers Update number 14 – incredible! I hope you’re all OK and enjoying the increased freedoms we’re now seeing as the lock down is slowly lifted. There has been a real flurry of activity form our members over the past week or so, with examples of some great Scouting at home coming in. Although it’s primarily for Beavers, all our members could have a go at the new Make and Do with Holly on our website if they want to give it a go – Holly is making a chocolate mug cake this week. I had a go, but judging by the results, I can’t have been listening to Holly instructions properly as it looked nothing like […]

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Weekly update #12 & #13

Dear parents & carers  Hello from me again. Thank you to Alistair for taking over for me last week – work, meetings and moving house all ganged up on us and time disappeared!  I know many of our young people will have started back at school or will be starting shortly. I hope it went well and they enjoyed (or trust they will enjoy) their time back with some of their friends and teachers. We really hope that we’ll be seeing everyone again soon – we’re still working on an assumed September return date, but we do have to wait until national HQ tell us we can come back. The risk assessment and preparations are coming along nicely, so I’m […]

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Fundays 2020

Fundays is a fun activity day where thousands of Beavers and Cubs head to Gilwell Park for the day to participate in lots of different fun activities. This year, they are moving it online. Join them the weekend of the 13th & 14th June over at www.facebook.com/fundaysuk They’ll be sharing lots of content over the weekend, from 10:00 – 20:30 on Saturday and 10:00 – 19:30 on Sunday. There’ll be lots of activities for Beavers and Cubs to keep boredom at bay whilst at home. The highlight of the weekend will be their live online campfire on Saturday – streaming straight to this page from about 19:10, with the campfire from about 19:30 – 20:15. Don’t worry if you haven’t […]

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Cubs Gardener Badge

Earn your Gardener Badge from home There are 5 sections to earn your badge​ Section 1 Choose 6 fruits or vegetables and explain what the best season is for each one and when is the right time to plant and pick. Use the chart below to record your findings (You can print this page) Fruit/Vegetable Time to plant Time to pick Section 2 Learn the correct tools for the correct job. Using the information below decide what tools you would need for the jobs on the following page (you can either print the table and write the tools in or print the pictures and labels to put in the table) Hand Forks are used to turn the soil and lift […]

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Cubs Lockdown Challenges

2020 Lockdown challenges for Cubs # Challenge Badge Link 1 Find out about the World Scout badge. Create your own. International 2 Learn 2 new campfire songs Entertainer 3 Spell out: “Stay at home” and “Protect our NHS” and your name using the phonetic alphabet Air Activities 4 Learn 4 new knots Pioneer 5 Draw a large circle to look like a plate and fill in wit one item from each of the fie main food groups. You can draw the food, cut picture from magazines or newspapers or even use food packaging Chef 6 Read at least 6 books, write a review of your favourite and share it with your Cub leader Book Reader 7 Write a 7-point safety […]

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.