Information about target rifle shooting



For many people the activity of shooting is an emotive issue. The Scout Association recognises that this may be the case and has introduced many new controls and requirements to ensure that the activity is carried out in a responsible way. Like all activities, shooting has always had rules that apply, but in the light of national debate it was felt proper to review the procedures even further and add to or strengthen the existing controls. These are now in place within Kent as a County and this form is one of those additions.


THE RIGHT TO OPT OUT. You will be asked to complete this form if your young person has been invited to participate in shooting as a Scout activity. The activity as well as the Range, Air Rifles and Range Marshall, will already have been agreed by the Group Scout Leader and District Commissioner. However as a parent or guardian your agreement and declaration is explicitly needed before your son/daughter can participate in shooting. You are not required to explain your reasons. If you are against shooting for whatever the reason DO NOT SIGN THE FORM.


DETAILS OF THE ACTIVITY. These are set out on Online Scout Manager by the Leader in Charge.