Beaver Challenge Week #2

Beavers, challenge week part 2: Plan a menu for an overnight Beaver camp. How would you cook everything? Do you think what you’ve planned is healthy and part of a balanced diet? Find a way you could save water at home and tell the people you live with about it. Build an obstacle course for you and those you live with to try. Who can complete it the fastest? Try some yoga poses/a yoga routine. Make your bed every day for a whole week. Learn to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ in a language other than your own. Ask an adult you live with to show you their favourite childhood game and play it with them. Complete the ‘Neckie Flip Challenge’ […]

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Weekly update #11

Dear Parents and Carers, A big hello from me, for the first time during this lockdown period and since we stopped meeting face to face 11 weeks ago! I have been asked to send out this weeks’ update due to commitments Craig has with his County Scouting role and Work, leaving him a bit short on time. I thought that this week would be a good opportunity to reflect on the faultless effort that is being put in by the leaders to ensure Scouting is still available to our Young People.  As well as all of the amazing entries that have been made to the website of the work that your young people have been doing at home. We have […]

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Weekly update #10

Dear parents and carers. Hello again. Thank you everyone who joined in with the AGM, either live or voting beforehand. I’m sorry for the technical hitch that made the Facebook Live stream unwatchable (and the YouTube stream didn’t start at all!). I worked out what I was doing wrong – basically trying to do everything from one computer when it needed three to use the various bits of software properly. Anyway, enough of my geekiness! As I mentioned at the AGM, 11th Folkestone was awarded the Growth Award by the County Commissioner for 2019 as we showed the greatest amount of growth in the District. We must be doing something right to have so many young people and their families […]

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Weekly update #9

Dear parents & carers Another week passes and things are beginning to change! Unfortunately, the situation with Scouts hasn’t changed – still no face to face meetings. Still, everything seems to be ticking along with some great activities going on and plenty of fantastic photos of our members taking part: I’ve seen some lovely cakes and VE day celebrations. I hope you all enjoyed the day and got to know the neighbours – one of the real positives coming out of this awful situation is you get to know your neighbours far better than ever before! The AGM is tomorrow – 12th May, 6.30pm. Please do join us using the Teams Live event and take a look at the annual […]

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Beaver Challenge Week

Beavers, have a go at these challenges: Scavenger hunt. Collect items from around your house/garden which when laid out will spell your name Make a hopscotch game on your patio or garden path with chalk (ask adults permission first!) Then play. How many words can you make from this word – BEAUTIFULLY ? Use nine (9) matchsticks to make as many triangles as you can. Make a wish jar. Every day put a slip of paper into the jar with one thing you would like to do/see after lockdown is over. Bring it to beavers when we restart and share with everyone. Build a tower, as tall as you can but it must be strong and sturdy too. You can only […]

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Weekly update #8

With all the excitement of Star Wars day, I didn’t get around to wishing you a happy May the fourth, so please accept a ‘hello’ from me on Revenge of the Fifth day instead! Sci-Fi references over, it’s a quick update this week. Firstly, this time next week we’ll be gearing up for the 2020 Annual General meeting. All registered members of the Group will be getting an email (hopefully this evening) inviting you along officially and providing the paperwork and links to the voting form. This is a legal requirement for all charities and I do urge everyone to take part in the process of holding our Executive Committee to account and electing the members of the Executive Committee […]

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.