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Got some new badges to sew on? Great work, but where to put them….

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When your young person moves on from one section to the next, they have a nice new uniform with all the badges to be sewn onto once again. When they are invested, they will be given a new set of some badges, while others need to be moved from the old top to the new. Please see out handy chart for details:

New ones will be provided:

World Membership Badge
District & County Badge
11th Folkestone name tape

Will need to be moved from old top to new top:

Chief Scout Award
(which ever has been gained)
Year badge
(just the highest)
Staged activity badges
(just the highest of each one)

Where do the badges go?

Check out our handbook page for all section badge placement diagrams.

Category: Section Support

Yes, all badges are £1 to replace, except the Group badge, which is £1.50. Please speak to your section leader.

Category: Section Support

Yes! The replacement cost is £5 for a Group one and £7 for a LOST (no pun intended) necker. Please ask you section leader or visit the shop.

Category: Section Support
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