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Ready to begin your adventure? There are five sections you can join, depending on your age.
The activities and opportunities vary but what is the same is that each will empower you to make friends, learn skills and try new things.

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We'll need to collect some personal information from you to help us determine which section is correct and how to get in touch with you. The information collected by the form on this page is automatically added to our electronic membership management system and an email sent to the relevant adult in the Group with your details to enable to them to process your enquiry. All your information is kept in accordance with current data protection legislation. For more information, please see our privacy notice and the Keeping Data Safe page. Completion of this form gives us (11th Folkestone Scouts) permission to hold this information.

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Got a question? Take a look at our FAQs:

We have an online form that captures the data required to be able to offer places, when they become available. This form can be found:

This data captured within this form is made available to the individual section leaders through our Online Scout Manager membership management system.

Category: Joining

The joining list is not strictly linear, a number of factors will be taken into consideration to ensure that the young person gets a quality time in scouting.  Which may mean if your child gets close to the upper age range for their current section, they will be considered for the next section.

For example Johnny has been on the list since he was 4 years old, but he is now 7 years and 10 months old. Janey has been on the list since she was 5, and is 5 years 10 months old, it is likely that the place will be offered to Janey over Johnny, because Janey will have more time in Beavers than Johnny will. By the time Johnny has settled in it’ll be time to move him to cubs, and unsettle him again.

Our preference is to maximise  the experience for the young person, over strict linear churn through the joining list.

The ages at which the joining list administration team move young people between lists is as follows:

Age Ranges
Beavers 0 years – 7 years 10 months
Cubs 7 years 11 Months – 10 years
Scouts 10 years 1 month – 13 year 6 months
Explorers 13 years 6 months – 18 years


However there may be some variations at the discretion of the relevant sections leaders. Our admissions policy is final.

Category: Joining

The joining list process is broken into 3 stages, as explained below:


  1. Parent is pointed to the website.
  2. Parent completes the registration form.
  3. Form is submitted to Online Scout manager.
  4. Parent is emailed a copy of their submission.
  5. Membership Matters team is emailed a copy of the submission.

The next step

  1. Membership Matters team review submission on the joining list.
  2. Admin checks the age, and if less than 5 3/4 the parent is contacted to acknowledge receipt.

Review & Offer

  1. The Membership Matters team/section leader reviews the list for members who are in the correct age range.
  2. The section leader contacts the parent and offers a place or identifies a likely start date if in the future, and updates the Contact Record.
  3. The section leader liaises with the parent throughout the offer, keeping the Contact Record up to date throughout
  4. Once the offer is accepted the section leader will transfer the submission with their OSM instance to enable the parent to easily receive section communications such as programme & event details and complete the data collection requirements.
Category: Joining

All our sections meet weekly.

Beavers 6-8 yrs old Tuesdays 5.15pm to 6.30pm
Cubs 8-10.5 yrs old Tuesdays 6.45pm to 8.15pm
Scouts 10.5-14 yrs old Fridays 7pm to 9pm
Explorers 14-18 yrs old Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm

Category: Joining

We are lucky to have a purpose built centre for our headquarters. Our address is:

The Scouting Centre, Shepway Close, Folkestone CT19 5SJ

Parking is available in Shepway Close and the hall is a short walk along the fully lit alley way.

Category: Joining

Each member pays £165 per year, split into monthly payment of £15 per month (excluding August).

Lots more information on finances and where the money goes is available from our handbook.

Category: Joining

***NEW*** Squirrels – What Scouts for 4 and 5 year olds looks like…

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We’re very pleased you’re interested in joining scouting.

If you haven’t already, visit our Members’ Handbook for more info about our Group (and our Admissions Policy) and take a look around our site to see some of the great adventures we get up to.