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Last Updated On June 01, 2018

As part of the joining process, you will be asked to give your permission for the use of photos within our Group. The statement reads:


What does this mean?

We use photos in Scouting to show the adventure our young people have. We use photos in the hall for displays of activities and events, on our closed Facebook group to help keep parents/guardians fully informed of what we’re up to and allow them to see what a great time their young people are having, we create albums on our website to document adventures and share the good times the young people and leaders have and we use some pictures for promotion of Scouting either on our public social media or in printed materials (for external, public materials including our public social media we do not put names with photographs and try to use group photos). We avoid identifying specific young people on our closed Facebook group and rarely print a photograph with a name. We do use photographs of individuals linked with their name on our membership management system, accessible only be authorised adults from within the Group to help identify young people.


The consent you give in My.SCOUT does not cover official press photographs. We will endeavor to ask for your consent for photographs to be used in press publications, however, this may not be possible in some circumstances, such as Remembrance Day commemorations as the press take photographs without consultation with us.

Other events

Some events organised by the District, County and National Scouts may take a different approach to photograph consent beyond our control and out of the scope of the consent statement in My.SCOUT. Some events can only be attended if photo consent is given, with attendance at the event being deemed as your agreement. Where this is the case, we will let you know in the event invitation we send out via My.SCOUT. If specific consent is required for photographs at an event, we will again let you know and ask for/collect that specific consent.

At Group events it is relatively easy for the Leaders in charge to take suitable and agreeable photographs of the children involved. At larger events such as District or County events, it is not necessarily possible for the Leader to dictate what photographs might be taken or the specific end use of the photographs. However as the photographs would be taken as part of a Scouting event they would need to comply with The Scout Association’s Child Protection Policy, as would photographs or video images taken during Group events.

The taking of photographs and videos will happen.

Kent Scouts activities use the following Image Statement:

“Photographs and video recordings taken at Scouting events in Kent may be used for Scouting purposes. i.e. on internet, printed material (including the press) and presentations.

Attendance at such events will automatically be deemed as permission given to reproduce the images.If you want to know more about this statement and how it affects you, please contact the County Office.”

Please ask if you have any questions concerning this.

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