Term 6 2019/20

Starts w/c 1st June 2020 Ends w/c 13th July 2020 Holidays 27th July – 8th September Notes

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Term 5 2019/20

Starts w/c 20th April 2020 Ends w/c 18th May 2020 Holidays 25th May to 29th May Notes

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Term 4 2019/20

Starts w/c 24th February 2020 Ends w/c 30th March 2020 Holidays 6th April to 17th April Notes

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Term 3 2019/20

Starts w/c 6th January 2020 Ends w/c 10th February 2020 Holidays 17th February – 21st February Notes Section start and end dates will be specific to each section depending on the programme and volunteer availability. Please check the Facebook group.  

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Term 2 2019/20

Starts w/c 28th October 2019 Ends w/c 16th December 2019 Holidays 23rd December – 3rd January Notes  

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Term 1 2019/20

Starts w/c 9th September 2019 Ends w/c 14th  October 2019 Holidays 21st October to 25th October Notes  

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.