What’s the menu?

A light tea (sandwiches, pizza, etc…) Hot and cold drinks and snacks available throughout Cereal, eggy bread and sausage sandwiches   More details will be added closer to the event.

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What do participants need to bring?

Sleeping bag pillow and sleeping mat pajamas clean clothes for the morning toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, soap) cuddly toy  

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I’ve filled in the form, what happens now?

You will receive an email from the booking system with BACS details. Please make the donation by 21st December 2018 (at the latest – it must be in our bank on that day). We will then confirm if the event is going ahead or not by email on 21st December 2018). If we cancel on 21st December 2018, we will refund all donations.

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Can I have a refund if my plans change?

Short answer: no. This is a fundraising event for the World Scout Jamboree and requires a minimum number of participants to take part to make it viable. Once you book, your space is reserved until either you make the donation, or 21st December 2018. If you have not made the donation by 21st December, we will assume you no longer wish to take part and will cancel your booking. Once you have made the donation, no refund is possible (as we will have worked on the assumption you are taking part and added that factor into our decision to go ahead or not). If we decide the event is not viable and therefore cancel, we will refund all donations. We […]

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Can siblings come?

Unfortunately not, unless they are members. Have a chat with one of the organising leader – Craig, Kate, Dave or Alistair.

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Is this event insured?

Yes! This sleepover is being run as a Scouting event, to all the appropriate rules and regulations (POR) with a permit holder in charge of and responsible for the event (Craig) so if fully covered by The Scout Association’s usual insurance policies. All the activities count towards the badge work as usual.

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.