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We’re looking for a Secretary. A Secretary of what?

We’re after our next Secretary of the Group Scout Council and the Group Executive Committee. The Group Scout Council is the electoral body which supports Scouting in the Scout Group. The Group Executive Committee are accountable to the Group Scout Council.

In reality the Group Scout Council meets just once year. This is the Annual General Meeting, usually held in May or June. It’s there to receive annual reports and sets up the Group Executive Committee for the following year. 

The Group Executive Committee meet approximately 4 times a year (during ‘normal’ times!) and look after the financial and strategic running of the Scout Group, supporting the Group Scout Leader and volunteer leaders to run the weekly programme for our young people.We

The Group Secretary’s Role

The key duties of the Group Secretary:

  • Act as Secretary to the Group Scout Council.
  • Act as Secretary to the Group Executive Committee.
  • Work closely with and support the Group Chair.
  • Provide sound administration in respect of the obligations according to POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules – The Scouts’ rule book), including inventories of Group equipment.
  • Ensure completion of the Group annual census return in conjunction with the Deputy/Group Scout Leader.
  • Maintain records and lists of members and associate members as required for the effective administration of the Scout Group.
  • Ensure documents relating to the ownership of property and equipment and all other legal and official documents are kept in a safe place and there is a full recovery of all files stored electronically.
  • Maintain effective communication with the District Secretary.
  • Be a full and active member of the Group Executive Committee.
  • Work alongside the Group Executive Committee in producing the Scout Group’s Annual Report.
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Find out much more about the role of the Group Secretary from here… but don’t let it scare you – we have a great team that support and work with the secretary, so it’s not all down to you!


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The role of secretary is a rewarding one. To support our members and keep everyone in Scouting safe, all adult roles come with a fully supported training requirement.

For the secretary role this is:

Essential Information – an overview of Scouts and what we’re all about

Safeguarding – keeping our young people and volunteers safe

Safety – providing all adults in Scouting with an understanding of safety practice and responsibilities as a member of Scouts, to keep everyone safe.

Trustee Induction – a guide to your role as a charity trustee

GDPR – keeping data safe

All of this training is online e-learning that you can undertake whenever you have a space moment. Each session takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. Safety and Safeguarding are required to be updated every three years.

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Our Executive Committee are very active and do a lot for the Group. Find out more about what we do here

Our Governance

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