Get out and about in the community

Our minibuses are available for hire to non-profit making community and voluntary groups in the Folkestone & Hythe area.

Both minibuses are Euro 6 Citroen Relay CanDrive Flexi 17 Seat Minibus which has fully adjustable seat belts to fit people of any age – from 4 to adult. 

Both minibuses are wheelchair accessible with four removable seats and disabled ramp which gives capacity for one wheelchair whilst still seating 12 passengers.

Both are comprehensively insured for any Scout, Guide, community or educational group to use for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, with a driver over the age of 21 and under the age of 70 with an onrganisations own section 19 permit.  Both vehicles have full breakdown cover.

Driver registration

All drivers need to register with us before they can take out one of our minibuses. It's quick, safe and secure online.

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a) Use of the Vehicle is subject to the following rules and in the case of hirers, to certain standard conditions incorporated in the hiring agreement.

b) The Hirer shall not use the Vehicle for any purpose other than that described in the Hire Agreement and shall not sub-hire or use the Vehicle or allow the Vehicle to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, nor do anything to bring onto the Vehicle anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies in respect thereof.

c) The Minibus dimensions:- Height: 2.55m (8.2ft)| width: 2.5m (8.2ft) | Length: 6.4m (21ft) – the vehicle is to NOT be driven through 6’6 foot restriction gaps.

Category: Minibus

a) Application for use of the vehicle shall be made to the Group and used for hirer’s use only with no sub-lettings.

b) Allocating of hire is at sole discretion of the Group. The right to refuse any application for the use of the vehicle facilities is reserved to the Group.

Category: Minibus

a) A nominated representative of the Group will pass the keys of the vehicle to the hirer, the hirer is responsible for the safety of the keys throughout the hire.

b) The person signing the booking form must be present when collecting the vehicle keys. This person is responsible for all persons present and their actions.

c) The vehicle must be returned on the day marked on the agreement, should this time be exceeded by more than 1 hour a pro-rata charge may be made.

d) The hirer is responsible for refilling the vehicle with fuel before returning the vehicle.

Category: Minibus

The Vehicle has a maximum capacity of 16 passenger seats and 1 driver’s seat or a maximum capacity of 12 passenger seats, 1 wheelchair and 1 driver’s seat. The hirer is responsible to ensure this is the case.

Category: Minibus

a) A notice period of 14 days is required before a cancellation is made.

b) The Group reserve the right to cancel the hiring if the hirer breaks any of the conditions of hire.

c) The Group reserve the right to cancel any booking at its discretion and to change or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice.

d) The Group reserve the right to close bookings for the vehicle at any time for emergency or periodic maintenance and also when the vehicle is required for the Groups own use.

e) All arrangements for the use of the vehicle facilities are subject to the Group reserving the right to cancel bookings when the vehicle is required for other Group purposes or are rendered unfit for the intended use. Where practically possible notice will be given.

Category: Minibus

a) Nothing shall be done to endanger the users of the vehicle and the policies of insurances relating to it and its contents.

In particular:

i) Obstructions must not be placed in the gangways or exits, nor in front of the emergency exits which must be immediately available for free public access

ii) Firefighting equipment shall be kept in its proper place and only used for its intended purpose

iii) The hirer is to make sure all persons in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt at all times.

g) Authorised personnel should be allowed access to inspect the vehicle at any time to ensure that all regulations are complied with.

Category: Minibus

The Group shall not accept any liability for any loss, damage or theft of the vehicle users property and effects. The Group shall not be liable to the vehicle user for any loss or damages or breach where such loss or damages or breach is as a result of a failure of the vehicle user to comply with its obligations under this agreement.

Category: Minibus

a) Litter shall not be left in or about the vehicle. All rubbish to be taken away by hirers.

b) Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their functions is not such as to interfere with other activities nor to cause inconvenience for the occupiers of nearby houses and property.

Category: Minibus

a) All use of the vehicle and facilities is subject to the users or hirers accepting responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or fixtures and for reimbursing the Group for any such damage or breakage.

b) The vehicle will be returned in a clean condition, inside and out.

Category: Minibus