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Local structure

Scout Groups, Districts, Counties 

The basic unit of organisation is the Scout Group. This is based in a local community and usually consists of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts.

Some Groups are larger or smaller depending on where they are located. Our Group has one Beaver Colony, one Cub Pack, one Scout Troop and one Explorer Unit.

A number of Groups in a certain locality constitute a Scout District. A number of Districts make up a County. All of these Scout units (Groups, Districts, Counties/Areas/Regions) are governed by the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association, which provides the framework in which all Scout units operate.

The Scout Group

Within a Scout Group, there will be a number of adult leaders, who give their time voluntarily to help the development of young people. The Group is led by the Group Scout Leader, whose job is to co-ordinate the Group’s activities and to ensure continuity and development.

A Group Scout Council meets at least once a year usually for an Annual General Meeting. The Council consists of all the adult Members of the Group, as well as the children’s parents. For more day-to-day matters, the Council has a Group Executive Committee that meets regularly.

The Executive Committee consists of the Group Scout Leader, some Section Leaders and members elected by the Group Council. The Executive Committee may set up sub-committees to perform particular tasks such as fundraising.

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