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Once you have registered with the Group you will be added to the My.SCOUT system (you should receive an introductory email – if you haven’t had this please let a leader know).

My.SCOUT direct access (once you have set up a user account):

What is My.SCOUT?
My.SCOUT is our method for you to keep up to date with your child’s Scouting. While you can use the menu to access these pages, it a separate website and will be viewed outside of our site. This allows you to bookmark the pages and, once you have viewed My.SCOUT via our website or an email, you can create an account to log in whenever you like.

The main method for you to access My.SCOUT will be via emails from the leaders. When you are invited to a new Event, or are reminded about one you haven’t responded to yet, there will be a direct link you can follow without the need to log in.

My.SCOUT account: Having followed the link in the email, I suggest you click Account at the top Left of the page and create an account. This will enable you to bookmark My.SCOUT and login without needing one of our emails. If you have more than one child on My.SCOUT create one account then follow a link for the second child and create an account again making sure you use the same email address and password. You’ll then be able to switch between under the Account menu once logged into My.SCOUT.

Once on My.SCOUT you will be able to see the following: My.SCOUT Menu

Noticeboard: On this page, any notices and letters that your section leader has posted will be displayed.

Events: These are activities that require you to book a place for each member that will attend. This system automates the booking process, allowing you to review the times, dates, details and cost before booking a place on the event.
When we launch an Event, you should receive an email invite containing a link to the website. Follow this link and use the buttons to reserve your space.

Programme: This page displays the programme for upcoming meetings. If we require any help at a meeting, this is where it will be shown and you can say that you can come along. This page is automatically updated from the Leader’s admin system, so please check here for updates before contacting leaders.

Badges: This page displays all badges that have been started or completed alongside a handy image showing where the badges go on the uniform.

Personal Details: Via a secure link, you can check and update your personal details. Please ensure you do this so that all leaders have the most up to date information they can.

My.SCOUT pages are provided by Online Scout Manager, the system the leaders use to manager their administration. If you have any problems using My.SCOUT, please contact your leader in the first instance.

PLEASE NOTE: When your young person moves section, your old My.SCOUT ‘account’ is automatically closed and all direct debits cancelled. You will receive a new welcome email asking you to re-authorise the subs direct debit. This email will also allow you back into the records area of the new section. If you had set up a login in My.SCOUT before the move of sections, this will no longer and you can either just use the email link for access or set up a new password in My.SCOUT.

We put all our programme information onto My.SCOUT. Please check this regularly. Basic programme information is copied across to the public website pages, but times and more sensitive information is held safely on your My.SCOUT page.

The My.SCOUT system allows you to:

  • Login from any email you are sent from the My.SCOUT system, without having to remember usernames and passwords (though you can register if you wish to do so and some functionality will not work until you do)
  • Make online payments for subs, camps and trips
  • Register for camps and trips
  • See and update your personal information
  • Have a look at the full programme for the term and check if we need any help
  • Keep track of your young persons badge progress

It’s very easy to use and keeps administration to a minimum for us – essential with over 100 members in the Group!

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