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Welcome to Scouting and our handbook in particular. We’ve tried to provide a collection of information that you will find useful and answer as many of the frequently asked questions we receive to make joining in with the adventure of Scouting as easy as possible. Have a look around and see how Scouting equips young people and adults with Skills for Life.

We’ve trued to make getting in touch with us as easy as possible. On the home page is a contact form which you can complete and we will make sure your query arrives with the right person as quickly as possible.

All our leaders have an 11th Folkestone email address in the format of (where the AT is replaced with the @ sign – trying to stop spam!) or you can email the section directly, e.g. (replacing the AT with the @ sign and can be beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers).

We also have a very clever phone system with a dedicated answer machine and menu to allow you to speak directly with a member of the team. Our  number 01303 246324. Our InTouch phone number (for urgent and emergency messages) for events is 01303 720270. This number is only used during activities and events and during normal programme evenings at the hall. At other times, it is not monitored.

Make sure you visit our need to know page for links to the vital information that will make scouting easier!

Our very clever phone system is provided free of charge by  Nimvelo We can’t recommend them enough for business level phone services.

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