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Admission Policy

We want to offer skills for life to everyone that asks, however, from time to time, we have insufficient capacity to accept everyone as soon as they request to join. Where this is the case we operate a joining policy that we think is fair to all.

1) This policy applies to the admission of children to 11th Folkestone Beaver, Cub Scout, Scout & Explorer Scout Sections.

2) Scout Policy, Organisation & Rules (POR) does not stipulate an admissions policy for child members of the movement beyond the following:

a) Young People must be between ages 5¾ and 18 years (PoR Section 3)

b) Admissions are open to males and females (PoR Section 3.1)

c) The decision to admit anyone to the membership of the scout group rests with the Group Scout Leader, although this can be delegated (PoR Section 3.2)

d) Members of Beavers, Cub Scouts, and Scouts forfeit membership if they leave the Group (PoR Section 3.3)

The trustees and Group Scout Leader also stipulate:

e) Non-attendance for four consecutive weeks with no explanation for absence constitutes forfeit of membership.

f) At the discretion of the trustees, non-payment of membership subscriptions will constitute forfeit of membership.

3) In the 11th Folkestone Scout Group the Group Scout Leader has delegated the management of the waiting list and the admission process to the individual section leaders.

4) The section leader admits children to the 11th Folkestone Scout Group when they become eligible by age, subject to there being sufficient places within their starting section and there is a strong likelihood that there will be sufficient space in subsequent sections in the future for the existing members of the 11th Folkestone Group and the new joiner.

For example a new joiner will be admitted if: there is space for them in Beavers; that there will be space for all current Beavers in Cub Scouts & Scouts when they are due to move up by age; and there will be space for the new joiner in Cubs & Scouts when they are due to move up.

5) The prospective member will be put on the waiting list if:

a) There is insufficient space for a new member. Insufficient space will be either all the places are currently full or places have been allocated to allow progression from previous sections i.e. Beavers to Cubs, etc…

b) Prospective member is below age 5 ¾ years

6) Prospective members on the waiting list naturally progress to a waiting list for the next section. A place will not be offered if the child would have less than 6 months in the section. Where this is the case, section leaders will liaise to ensure a space is offered in the next section as soon as possible.

7) New members are selected from the waiting list when they are within 3 month of being eligible to join, in accordance with the following priorities:

a) Children of active volunteers within the Group

b) Children who have moved into the area from outside and were immediately prior to their move members of a Scout Group

c) New members to the Scout movement whose siblings are current members of 11th Folkestone Scouts

d) The length of time the prospective member has been on the waiting list

e) Children transferring from other Scout Groups within Folkestone & Hythe. This category is accorded a low priority as they may still have the opportunity to attend their original group.

8) Once a child has gained admission to an 11th Folkestone section (e.g. Beavers) every effort will be made to ensure a place will be available in the next section although this cannot be guaranteed. It hasn’t been a problem yet!

9) Children will be required to leave their current section, at the end of term following their birthday passing the age limit for their current section:

a) Beavers 8 years

b) Cubs 10½ years

c) Scouts 14 years

Exceptions will be made to this for Special Needs after consultation with the Group’s Special Needs Adviser, Group Scout Leader & District Commissioner.

10) Explorer Scouts are required to leave the section on their 18th birthday. Other safeguarding considerations can be taken into account on a need by need basis.

11) Should a parent or guardian wish to appeal against a decision of the section leader, they should do so directly to the Group Scout Leader whose decision will be final.

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