Dear parents/carers

I hope this message finds you well. What an interesting week it has been. Last night, watching Her Majesty the Queen addressing the nation reminded me of our Scout promise – I promise that I will do my best to do my duty…to The Queen. So, continuing to stay at home I am. Simple!

Staying at home doesn’t have to be that terrible as we can all carry on Scouting and again, I’m so impressed with the Scouting that has been going on remotely. This week, I’ve seen aeroplanes of all shapes, sizes, designs and air worthiness! There’s been junk modelling (a beautiful NHS staff member caring for a patient – check out our Facebook page for that gem), scavenger hunts and some pretty amazing artwork. Seeing the Scouts at their weekly Zoom meeting was a delight – especially when they realised they were learning the potato song and the signs that go with it… some of their faces were an absolute picture! Still, they were in the presence of the ‘viral’ potato song duo that is Beckie and Jen (who had a personal congratulatory note from Matt Lucas himself). If you haven’t heard their version, we’ll get a link on the Facebook page for you to follow and add to the 66,100 views it’s had already. The Cubs Zoom meeting resulted in some interesting digital art as well, everyone seems to be adapting so well and enjoying this new kind of Scouting.

This week has also been a ‘learning week’ for me. Little did I know that Baden-Powell (the Founder of The Scouts) built his retirement home here in Folkestone for him and his wife. Milden House, on the Leas – a place I’ve walked past many a time and never knew. It’s one of the first places on my list for an evening stroll when all of this is over. Being nosey, I’ve already checked out the insides on Zoopla!

Not such a good note is another issue we’ve dealt with this week in a little damage to the hall, a water leak in the new part of the centre. Typically, with these things, it was a part that should have been cut out from the old boys toilets, but instead was left capped. I’m pleased to report that it has been fixed and damage was minimal, but it’s a reminder of the importance of maintenance and the continued development we need to do on our fantastic centre as soon as we’re back.

Back to the fun bits and I hope you’ve had a go at Bagheera’s necker challenge where you have to flip your necker from your foot to around your neck in one move. Watch Baggy (Andy) in action: I’d love to see your films of this… please do share them and get everyone in the household doing it as well.

Speaking of households, we’re delighted to announce the date for our first family online quiz – Saturday 11th April. It’s for everyone in the household to join in with. You’ll need to be able to join our Facebook group live broadcast and access our website at the same time to enter your answers. No need for a webcam or microphone and no one else will be able to see/hear you. We’d love to see as many people as possible. Please make a night of it, lay out the table as you would at the hall with snacks and drinks and take a picture to send in. Full instructions, registration and information from our website:

So, a busy week gone and busy week ahead. Lots more activity ideas and programmes to come. The leaders are missing their section meetings, so during the week keep an eye out for a little treat. Stay safe and we hope to (virtually) see you on Saturday next.

Best wishes


Group Scout Leader

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