The joining list process is broken into 3 stages, as explained below:


  1. Parent is pointed to the website.
  2. Parent finds the joining list registration form.
  3. Parent completes the form.
  4. Form is submitted to Online Scout manager.
  5. Parent is emailed a copy of their submission.
  6. Joining list admin team is emailed a copy of the submission.

Triage Processing

  1. Joining list admin team review submission on the joining list.
  2. Admin checks the age, and if less than 5 3/4 the parent is contacted to acknowledge receipt.

Review & Offer

  1. The section leader reviews the list for members who are in their age range.
  2. The section leader contacts the parent and offers a place or identifies a likely start date if in the future, and updates the Contact Record.
  3. The section leader liaises with the parent throughout the offer, keeping the Contact Record up to date throughout
  4. Once the offer is accepted the section leader will transfer the submission with their OSM instance to enable the parent to easily receive section communications such as programme & event details and complete the data collection requirements.
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