Congratulations: Williamson Racing - first EVER winners of the online quiz!

Setting up

Make sure you can see a screen with the quiz master - this will be broadcast live on our public Facebook Page. The link is and the broadcast will start from 6.45pm on Saturday 11th April. Quiz starts at 7pm and will last for approximately 1 hour.

You will also need to be able to access our website (at the same time!) and come back to this page to enter your answers.

It's Quizzzzz time

For each round, click this link to enter your answers.

Answer sheet for all rounds

It's the same link for each round - except the picture round which is this link. You can start the picture round at any time and work on it as you go through the evening. It has to be completed before the penultimate round of questions. The Quiz Master will tell you when!

Answer sheet for picture round

The Impossible Question...

Our Question Master will explain all. Be ready!

Answer sheet

And the winner is...

As the quiz goes on, our team of markers will be working on your answer sheets. The answers for each round will be posted here after the round has ended and the next round has begun. The Quiz Master will keep you up to date with the scores on the doors and the leader board will be updated live here.

The Answer Is...Online...Quiz - Picture Round Answer Sheet

Final scores on the doors...