This year’s St George’s Day event is being held on Sunday 28th April at the Leas Cliff Hall.

We will meet by the Leas Lift on the Leas and be in full, smart uniform at 10:45am promptly.

The event will consist of a celebration event inside the Leas Cliff Hall, during which Chief Scout awards and any adult awards will be presented. This will be followed by a parade which will end up on the Leas between the Leas Cliff Hall and the Bandstand between 12.30 and 1pm (If it is raining then the parade will be cancelled and the colours will be inspected by the Mayor at the end of the indoor event before everyone is dismissed).

Parents are warmly welcome and encouraged to stay and watch the event. Access for parents will be via the main Leas Cliff Hall entrance, with seating in the gallery area.


Please accept the Parent Portal invite, via the email sent out if you are attending.