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Terms and Conditions for Hire of the Shepway Close Centre

Hereinafter the Shepway Close Centre shall be referred to as ‘SCC’ and the Hirer named on the Booking form as ‘the Hirer’.

The management committee of the centre is the Board of Trustees of the 11th Folkestone Scout Group.


All applications for the hire of the building must be made with the Centre Manager. The person named on the booking form shall be considered the Hirer. Where an organisation is named, the person signing hereby confirms that they do so with full authority of the organisation.  The Hirer must be over 21 years of age.

All single use bookings require payment in advance in full 14 days ahead of the event date, which will be non-refundable, even if the booking is cancelled.  Regular bookings are invoiced at the beginning of the following month from the hire in arrears. Payment is required by BACS/DD within 14 days of the invoice date.

The Hirer should be aware of the Fire Safety Floor Plan of SCC which is on display in every room.  Hirers are responsible for health and safety issues and providing information about safety procedures, Fire Exits etc. Hirers are not permitted to enter the loft space of the SCC. Please observe operating procedures regarding the stacking of chairs and tables.  Any accident must be recorded in the Centre Accident Book to be found on the wall in the main hall.

Hire Charges

Current charges are detailed on our website (shepwayclosecentre.info).

Right of refusal

SCC may refuse any application for the hire of the Building without stating a reason. Scouting activities shall have priority over other bookings, but no organisation shall be deemed to have an undisputed right to an unbreakable series of bookings. In cases of doubt or difficulty the Centre Manager shall refer the case to the Management Board whose decision shall be final.


Alcoholic drinks may be served free but NO sale of alcoholic drinks may be undertaken unless the permission is sought from SCC and an occasional Licence for the Building shall be in force. No events may be advertised stating the availability of alcoholic drinks for sale without the prior permission of SCC.

Public Entertainments, Music & Dancing

All the conditions attached to the Music and Dancing Licence for the Building shall be duly observed. A copy of such Licence may be seen on application to SCC and the Hirer shall be deemed to have had notice of all such conditions. All music must cease at 11pm, and the Hall must be vacated by midnight. Our neighbours must be respected. Complaints of excessive noise shall incur an administration charge levied against the hirer as detailed below.

Other Licences, Theatre & Performing Rights Society

SCC’s Licence does not cover performances of Theatrical, Ballet, Opera or Choral Works etc. The Hirer is responsible for obtaining the requisite Performing Rights Society Licence and any other licence that may be required for their intended purpose. Any such licence must be exhibited to SCC.

Occupation and use

The hire of the Building is for the specific agreed times shown on the booking form and does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the premises at any other time. The building shall only be used for lawful activities. SCC does not represent that the building is suitable for any particular purpose and the Hirer must satisfy themselves in this respect.


The Hirer shall not sublet the Building or any part thereof.

Breakages and Damage

The Hirer is responsible for all damage to the building, equipment, furniture and property in the building & grounds occurring during the period of the hiring or while persons are entering or leaving the building pursuant to the hire, however and by whomsoever caused. The Hirer will be responsible for replacement ‘as new’ of any equipment, furniture or property and for the full cost of making good any damage to the building, fixtures and fittings.


Except for wilful negligence on the part of SCC, SCC shall not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the Hirers or any third parties property arising out of the hiring, nor for any loss, damage, or injury which may be incurred by, or be done to or happen to, any person or persons using the building during the hiring, arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure or supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the Building to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled. The Hirer shall indemnify SCC against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person using the building during the hiring in respect of any loss damage or injury.


The right of entry to the building is reserved to SCC and any other agent of SCC and any police officer at any time during the hiring.

Conduct and Good Order

The Hirer shall ensure that good order is kept in the building during the hiring. The Hirer will also ensure that those attending the engagement maintain good order during arrival and departure from the building. At all times the Hirer will take reasonable care to ensure that the occupants of neighbouring properties are not inconvenienced by noise, obstruction by vehicles and the like. No use of the car park in Peto Close should be made.

Cessation of activity

SCC or Committee Member(s) reserves the right to put a stop to any entertainment or meeting not properly or reasonably conducted at their discretion. If Committee members deem it necessary, the Hirer agreement is terminated immediately and the right to access the centre is deemed to have been removed.

Condition on vacation

On vacation of the building, the Hirer shall leave the building in a clean and orderly state. All rubbish and any other waste matter must be cleared from the building and suitably disposed of in the receptacles provided. In the case of large events all rubbish must be taken away by the hirer. The hall and cloakrooms must be left in as clean a condition as found. All tables and chairs must be distributed around the hall as found. The deposit monies will be refunded after a satisfactory inspection of the building by a member of the Management Committee.

Additions to the building

No fixtures/fitments of any kind shall be driven into any part of the Building nor shall any placard or other articles be fixed hereto.


Property of the Hirer and the Hirer’s agent must be removed from the Building within 15 minutes after the expiration of the hiring or fees will be charged for each hour until the same is removed. SCC accepts no responsibility for any property left on the premises after the hiring. In the case of bazaars, jumble sales and any other occasion when property is brought into the premises for sale, all property remaining unsold at the termination of the hiring will be considered the property of the Hirer for the purpose of the condition.


The Hirer shall remove any sign, flag, emblem or other decoration displayed by the Hirer outside or inside the Building if in the opinion of SCC or Committee Member it shall be unseemly or expose the Building to an undue risk of fire or in the opinion of SCC or its agent is likely to lead to disturbance or a breach of the peace.

Fire Exits

No exits may be blocked, chairs or other obstructions must not be placed in front of heaters or fire appliances removed or tampered with, and fire doors must not be propped open.


No additional lights or extension from the existing electric light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of SCC.


The maximum number of persons allowed in the Building at any one time is 115.


Smoking and/or vaping is NOT permitted in any part of the building at any time.

The hall will be opened and closed by a member of the Management Committee.

Hire Period

The hire period is the time that the hirer commences and finishes using the hall.  It includes the time taken for setting up and clearing up. No landlord and tenant relationship shall be created.


Additional charges, made against the security deposit and invoiced for payment by the Hirer if insufficient funds remain are as follows:

Cleaning £25 per hour for the first hour £15 per hour thereafter
Minor repairs £30 per hour for the first hour £15 per hour thereafter

All replacement materials will be invoiced at cost prices along with the labour charges as detailed above. Repairs requiring outside contractors will be invoiced to the Hirer in full with an additional £30 administration charge. Any and all additional costs arising from damage and/or anti social behaviour shall be passed on to the Hirer in full.