remembrance-day-photoThis year’s Remembrance Day parade and service will be on Sunday 8th November. Meet at the Leas Cliff Hall at 10.25am in full and smart uniform. Dress warmly. This is the one single event that we expect all members to turn out to.

Please note the new finishing point just left of the Town Hall  (the cinema) in Guildhall Street – parents are warmly invited to remain with us for the duration of the event.


Information from the District


If the weather is wet then overcoats should be worn.  If the weather is dry then it is recommended that layers of clothing be worn under uniforms.  This is a high profile public event so we want to look as smart as possible and create a good impression.


After the Service the whole parade will proceed along The Leas, turn right into Longford Terrace and then right again into Sandgate Road.  It will then continue back along Sandgate Road to the Town Hall.  The salute will be taken at The Town Hall as the parade splits into two sections.  The District will be in the section that turns left into Guildhall Street.  Dismissal will be in Guildhall Street.

Preparations for the day

It is important that the young people are ready, in all ways, for the event.  Leaders should remind parents that the young people should have something to eat before they come out, particularly if the weather is warm and dry.