Moving Beaver badges to your Cub uniform

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Getting your Chief Scout Bronze award was a big achievement in Beavers and you CAN wear this on your Cubs uniform, but only until you get your Chief Scout Silver award. The Chief Scout Bronze award goes on the same place on the Cubs uniform as it did on the Beavers uniform, on the right hand side of your chest.

Staged Activity Badges

The staged badges (the blue ones with purple edges) follow you throughout your time as a Scout these CAN be worn on Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer uniforms. Once you complete one award, you can start working towards the next one.  You wear the highest award for each staged activity badge on your uniform. The level of the award is shown as a number at the bottom of the badge.

Joining In Awards

The joining-in award, is awarded on the anniversary of you joining The Scouts.  You only the most recent award from your Beaver uniform and add it to the Cub Uniform, older badges can be sewn onto a camp blanket.

The rest!

The rest of the badges are for Beavers only so don't go on your Cub uniform. They can stay on your Beaver uniform or you can move them all to your campfire blanket! You'll also be given a new World Membership Badge, District and County Badge and 11th Folkestone name tape when you are invested, so they don't need to be moved from your old uniform.