My.SCOUT is an incredibly useful and time saving tool for the leaders, and we hope it is for you at home as well. This series of posts will share some top tips and hints to help you get the most out of it in bite size installments.

today: My.SCOUT or OSM

You might hear us talking about My.SCOUT or OSM or Online Scout Manager. It’s all one and the same, but the part that parents use is called My.SCOUT. Whenever we are talking about logging into the system, we’re talking about the parent side – My.SCOUT.

You can access your area through the personalised link from any personalised email that is system generated (the monthly direct debit email, any event invitation email, etc.). You can also create an account using the link in the top right hand corner – click a link from any system email and then ‘Account’. Once an account is created, you can visit any time and click the ‘Parents Login’ button, top right.

Moving to a new section

When young people move section – e.g. from beavers to cubs, their record is moved in OSM which deletes all direct debits and logins to My.SCOUT. Once the leaders have moved the record to the new section, you will get another welcome email and request to set up a direct debit. You’ll need to set up a new account to login to My.SCOUT (or continue to use the link in new emails) and re-authorise the direct debit for subs.

Need more help? Speak with one of the leaders.