let it snow

We try our best to keep going in the bad weather, however, it is sometimes just a bit too dangerous or not practical, so we may be forced to postpone or cancel a meeting or event.

In these cases, we do try to let everyone know as soon as possible via the website, twitter and our Facebook page. We will also email using the address we have in My.SCOUT, but accept that not everyone checks their email as regularly as others. We would also like to add a text message to our ‘portfolio’ of communication. Most people have a mobile number in My.SCOUT, but could we ask that everyone checks their My.SCOUT email details to ensure it is the current mobile number and that the ‘receive messages from leaders’ box is ticked (otherwise it doesn’t send to that number!). It’s also worth checking that this box isn’t checked for emergency contacts or second contacts if you don;t want them to receive the same message. Any problems or difficulties at all, please don’t hesitate to contact you section leader or use the Contact Us page.


Important messages may include changes to meeting times, dates, etc… as well as postponed or cancelled meetings or activities/events or general reminders.