Group Council Annual General Meeting Portal


Another year has passed and once again our Annual General Meeting is upon us. It's that time of year when we can celebrate all of the fantastic work and great adventure our Group been doing over the past year. Scroll down this page and click on the tabs to find out more about the exciting time the Group has had, as well as how and who makes the Group works.

Executive Committee Officers

Steve Fairfax
Executive Chair
Maite Last

Ex-officio Executive Committee Members

Craig Ward
Group Scout Leader
Alistair Sutton
Deputy Group Scout Leader
Ian Marshall
Cub Scout Leader
Kate Ward
Scout Leader

Elected Executive Committee Members

Amanda Sutton
Elected Member
Appointed Executive Deputy Chair
Sarah Marshal
Elected Member
Karen Ingelbrecht
Elected Member
Abbey Sutton
Elected Member
Pete Woodsford
Elected Member
Ted Hogben
Ex-officio (May 2021 – Oct 2021) Co-opted (from Oct 2021)

The Group Council and Group Executive Committee

The Group Scout Council is the electoral body, which supports Scouting in the Scout Group. It is the body to which the Group Executive Committee is accountable.

Find out more about the responsibilities of the Group Executive Committee

Membership of the Group Scout Council is open to:

  • Scouters, Colony, Pack and Troop Assistants Skills Instructors & Explorer Scout Leaders (if stated in a Partnership Agreement);
  • Group Scout Active Support members;
  • Administrators & Advisers;
  • Patrol Leaders;
  • All parents of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts;
  • any other supporters including former Scouts and their parents who may be admitted by the Group Scout Leader, the Group Executive Committee or the Group Scout Council;

The District Commissioner and District Chairman are ex-officio members of the Group Scout Council.

The Group Scout Council must hold an Annual General Meeting within six months of the financial year end to:

  • receive and consider the Annual Report of the Group Executive Committee, including the annual statement of accounts;
  • Approve the Group Scout Leader’s nomination of the Group Chairman and nominated members of the Group Executive Committee;
  • Elect a Group Secretary and Group Treasurer;
  • Elect certain members of the Group Executive Committee;
  • Appoint an auditor or independent examiner or scrutineer as required.