It’s been great to see some members getting outside in the garden in their tents and spending the night, or building a den in the bedrooms/living rooms and sleeping there as a great Scouting tradition of camping out. We’re delighted to be able to count these as nights away for purposes of badges, so if you sleep out in the garden or in a den at home, don’t forget to share it with us using the form below so we can count it on your badge record.

Virtual Camp World Record

If you haven’t been tempted yet, Scouts of all ages are attempting to break the Virtual Camping world record on the 30th April. So it can be recorded officially, please head over to and fill in the details and also post some photos of you in your tent/den using the form below.

Important Bit

The guidance we’ve been given around this is quite important, however. Regardless of the number of nights you spend in the tent/den, we are only to count it as 1 ‘night away’. Also, parents, it goes without saying that safety and safeguarding are paramount to you and us. As we can’t manage it as an official night away within our usual rules for safety and safeguarding, we have been advised by the County Commissioner to make you aware of this statement:

“Participation in any “Nights in” and “Camp at Home” activities recommended and encouraged by any Group or District that are part of Kent Scouting are totally under the control, safety and permission of the parent(s) or carer(s) of each young person.

Under no circumstances will Kent Scouts or 11th Folkestone Scouts accept any liability or responsibility for any accidents, incident or injury to any person or persons or damage to property whilst participating in these activities.”

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