Beavers, have a go at these challenges:

Scavenger hunt. Collect items from around your house/garden which when laid out will spell your name

Make a hopscotch game on your patio or garden path with chalk (ask adults permission first!) Then play.

How many words can you make from this word – BEAUTIFULLY ?

Use nine (9) matchsticks to make as many triangles as you can.

Make a wish jar. Every day put a slip of paper into the jar with one thing you would like to do/see after lockdown is over. Bring it to beavers when we restart and share with everyone.

Build a tower, as tall as you can but it must be strong and sturdy too. You can only use paper, tape and scissors to construct it. Take a photograph.

Make and eat fruit or vegetable kebabs. Try to include one fruit or vegetable you wouldn’t normally eat.

Make some bunting using large paper triangles. Decorate and then staple to ribbon or wool. Hang the bunting in your window ready for Thank-you Thursday clapping.

Make a friendship bracelet by plaiting or weaving brightly coloured wool.

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Don't forget to share with us: