Beavers, challenge week part 2:

Plan a menu for an overnight Beaver camp. How would you cook everything? Do you think what you’ve planned is healthy and part of a balanced diet?

Find a way you could save water at home and tell the people you live with about it.

Build an obstacle course for you and those you live with to try. Who can complete it the fastest?

Try some yoga poses/a yoga routine.

Make your bed every day for a whole week.

Learn to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ in a language other than your own.

Ask an adult you live with to show you their favourite childhood game and play it with them.

Complete the ‘Neckie Flip Challenge’ (Put your Beaver Necker on your foot and toss it up over your head and onto your neck).

Spend half an hour looking out of a window and record all of the birds and animals you see. (Draw pictures, write them down, take photographs, etc.)

Find out about a British inventor and make a model of what they invented.

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