Join us for 'an evening at the races'

Join us for an action packed evening of chance and fun on Saturday 12th October at the Shepway Close Centre. All are welcome - bring the whole family - enjoy the fun and thrill of picking the winning horse, having a flutter and you never know, you could win big! This charity event is in support of 11th Folkestone Scouts, helping the Group to continue to provide excellent programmes and helping young people gain Skills for Life.

There will also be a few side games to enjoy alongside the main event as the evening progresses, including the infamous Brainteaser Quiz.

11th Folkestone Scout Group Charity No. 285558.

The aim of the game is to pick the winning horse out of the eight runners in each race.  This is a game of chance as there are no ‘odds’, so its down to luck!

Step 1. From the race cards on pages 3 & 4 of the programme, pick the horse you think will win from the list. You can choose to back as many horses as you like.  

Step 2. Decide how many totes you would like to place on your chosen horse(s), at 50p per go.

Step 3. Go to the Tote Desk and ask the Steward for the number of totes you have chosen to place on your horse(s). The Steward will give you the corresponding number of tickets. PLEASE CHECK TO SEE YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE CORRECT TICKETS. MISTAKES CANNOT BE RECTIFIED AFTER THE RACE HAS BEGUN. DO NOT LOSE THESE! The Steward will also take your payment.

Step 4. The Announcer will announce the close of the tote desk and the start of the race. Once the race has been selected, there will be no further purchases possible.

Step 5. The race is run and the winner announced. The total prize money will also be announced. If you have won, take your ticket(s) to the collection desk where you will be given your winnings*.

Step 6. The process starts again for the next race.

Please do read the rules carefully and remember – this is a charity fundraising event for fun!

*Please note: Your original stake will not be returned. Your prize money may or may not  exceed your initial stake.

The Chief Steward’s Decision is final 

  1. Guesses on the winning horse may only take place during designated times and the Tote Desk will be closed before the race is selected.
  2. There will be no odds given for any race. It is a game of luck .
  3. Your initial stake of 50p per bet will not be returned with your winnings.

How it works 

The winning payout is calculated using the following formula:

Total cash collected for the race minus one third for the organisation (11th Folkestone Scout Group) divided by the number of tickets for the winning horse.

Example 1:       

Example 2:

Total tickets sold = 30

Total tickets sold = 30

Total cash collected = £15

Total cash collected = £15

Less One Third for the charity = £5

Less One Third = £5

Total prize money = £10

Total Prize Money = £10

Horse 3 was the winner which had 2 bets on it.  

Horse 3 won with 30 bets

Prize money per ticket = £5 

Prize money per ticket = £0.33

In the case of example 2, the prize money is less than the original stake. This is unlikely, however t could happen. Remember, this event is a charity fund raiser!

You, your family, friends, as many as you like! Entry is free.

You can purchase as many programmes as you like.

Bring an ‘American Supper’ for your table(s) – nibbles and drinks just for you and your family.

Lots of 50p pieces!