***Copy of text sent by email to all Cub parents 10/07/16***


Good morning all


Just a quick update on the final two weeks of this academic year. I’ve swapped the programme about a bit – apologies for that but there is a very good reason! My.SCOUT and the Group website show the corrected information.


12th July

Meet at the HQ in uniform normal time (6.45pm to 8.15pm). We are staying there all evening as we have moved the 100 years of Cubs party. There will be guests and party activities and food. There will also be a very special activity that the Cubs will enjoy, I’m sure. J


19th July

Meet at the HQ 6.45pm promptly. We’ll be walking to the Coastal Park to practice the Green Cross Code and use the play equipment. Group T-Shirt (if you have one) and necker. Bring a drink. Coat if it looks rainy. We will be walking back to the HQ for collection at 8.15pm as normal.


If you are unsure about any of the details, please drop me a line.


Best wishes