***LOCKDOWN 2 SPECIAL*** Weekly update #27

Dear parents and carers I hope you all had a great half term break despite the weather. It certainly went quickly for me! This new term brings with it different challenges to the last with a new lockdown on its way, albeit slightly different this time with schools still open which has created a little uncertainty around Scouting. We’re due to hear from The Scouts nationally any time now, however I met with our team of volunteers over Zoom yesterday and we’ve made some decisions and put a plan in place, regardless of the outcome of the national direction. In a nutshell, I am suspending face to face Scouting once again. I’ve done this to protect our members and do […]

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Weekly update #26

Dear parents and carers This week sees us make it to half term. One term of a strange normal down. Thanks to everyone, parents, young people and our leadership team, for making the return as smooth and safe as it has been. It’s been great to see the young people back in action and enjoy a programme – even if it has been a bit odd! As we get to the natural break that is half term, we’ll be talking with parents of those young people who are at the right age (or just a bit over now!) to move on to the next section. We’ve held off for a while to help everyone settle back in before making that […]

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Weekly update #25

Dear parents and carers Another week goes by and all is going well as we head towards half term. Trustees have discussed the subs situation once again and have agreed that while we’re meeting in a sporadic form, we’ll continue to keep subs at the reduced rate of £6 per member per month for November and December. We’ll keep this under review and let you know about January onwards well before the end of this year. On the topic of subs, if your account is not up to date, we’d really appreciate it if this is either brought up to date or you get in touch with us. If you no longer wish to keep your place, please let us […]

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Weekly update #24

Dear parents and carers A short one from me this week, promise. Everything continues to head in the right direction and once again, thank you everyone for your understanding. Please keep on booking for sessions (we really can’t accept anyone that hasn’t pre-booked for everyone’s safety) via OSM and following the safety procedures detailed on the invite email. I spoke last week of the large waiting list we currently have. To help prepare for getting new members involved, we need to know exactly what our membership currently looks like. I note there are a few members who haven’t responded to any invites for meetings, haven’t got in touch with us and haven’t been paying subs. At the end of October, […]

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Weekly update #23

Dear parents and carers What a week that was! Three out of the four sections back together in action. For the first time since March, all sections had some form of activity in the same week. A few very excited, but very exhausted leaders and the consensus that it’s GOOD TO BE BACK! Thank you to all the young people and parents for sticking to our new code of conduct – you’ve all been brilliant and helped keep each other safe. Hopefully everything will now continue and will only get better. I know that some sections are tweaking plans to hopefully enable more young people to join in more regularly and will let you know details in due course. We’re […]

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Weekly update #22

Dear parents and carers We made it! Our first face to face meeting since March went off without a hitch last Tuesday – thank you to Akela, Bagheera and the Cubs for making it a success. It was lovely to see the young people in person again and have an evening of new (socially distant) games, which everyone loved. This week it’s another Cub bubble (bubble 2) meeting at Jock’s Pitch along with the first session for the Beavers (the older ones) at the hall. Explorers are meeting on Zoom this week and the Scouts return to face to face activities on Friday with all the Scouts meeting, albeit for a shorter session, in two separate groups, again split by […]

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04/01/2021: We remain at RED level, so still no face to face Scouting. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.